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“Our son can read because of your kits... He couldn't read and thought there was no point in it, but he discovered he had to learn to read to use the manual. It was hard going for a seven year old, but he's now 10 and in the top band for literacy, and he even tells the story of how Microbric ('robie' as it's called here) made him learn to read” – C. Nicoll 

"Microbric really is a fantastic kit for young boys and girls to learn about model building, mechanical-electrical interfacing and software programming"
- S. Brauen, Scout Leader

The Microbot robot kit is the latest programmable robot kit from Microbric. The Microbot is fully customisable with add on packs available. It can be programmed in basic and icon based flow charts.  The kit comes with enough parts and modules to build the following robots:

 ► Bump sensor robot
 ► Line tracking robot/line following robot
 ► Line tracing robot (draws a line)

The Microbot also has two onboard programmable LED lights, a push switch and a piezo (buzzer), so you can flash its lights and play sounds & tunes. 

The Microbot robot is highly versatile and is perfect for the young (and older) roboteer or for use in the classroom as an engaging educational resource.

Microbot Robot & Accessories (Discontinued)

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Ultrasonic Range Finder - Suit Microbot robot kit
Detect obstacles as close as 3cm to as far away as 3 metres - A must have accessory...
Microbot Robot Kit
Build your own customisable & programmable Microbot robot kit with no soldering required...
Strut Panel - Suits Viper & Microbot robot kits
Customise your Viper or Microbot robot kit with struts from the Strut Panel add on...
Microbot/PICAXE USB download cable
USB download cable for the Microbot robot kit and other PICAXE microcontrollers and...
Microbric Modules - Suit Viper & Microbot robots
Need additional switches, buttons, LEDs or bump sensors for your Viper or Microbot...
Microbot Robot Kit - Starter Pack
Everything you need to get started with the Microbot robot and a little bit more!
LED Pack - Suit Viper & Microbot robot kits
Add more LEDs to your Viper or Microbot robot with this LED pack that includes 2...
Infra-red Remote -  Suits all Microbric robot kits
Program your robot to be controlled by this infra-red remote control. There are 27...
Hardware Pack - Extra screws, nuts, brics...
If you're expanding the capabilities of your Microbric robot creation, you'll need...
Robot Sensor Pack - Suit Viper & Microbot robots
Make your Microbric robot photophobic or create a robot swarm that communicate with...